Sunset Messages



Sunset Messages was conceived in early 2019 during an introspective time in my life. The concept was solidified during the Christmas/New Years holiday of 2019 when I had a brainstorming session with my sister Renée Payne. Ideas were exchanged, products were discussed and a dialogue was started with the intent to start a business and develop this website.

In April 2020 Renée passed away as the COVID-19 pandemic began. Devastated by the loss of my little sister and mostly confined to home during the pandemic, I eventually began to reach out to friends who work in related industries for support and ideas on how to move forward.

During a meeting with my good friend Josh Shelly I asked him to consider becoming a part of Sunset Messages with me. It was clear that there was a rapport and that by combining our complimentary skill sets we would have the synergy needed to create this site.

After many months of collaborating we are proud to offer you We hope our site will allow you to express yourself to your loved ones after your sunset and create an everlasting legacy for you.

In memory of my amazing little sister

Renée Maria Reisch Payne

David C. Reisch