Send messages to your loved ones… after your sunset.

Sunset Messages is an innovative way for you to send messages to your loved ones after you pass away.

All of your messages have the following features:

  • Unlimited Editing – buy today, finish tomorrow, update as often as you want
  • Video, Audio & Photos – to help you fully express yourself
  • Auto-save – so you don’t have to think about it
  • Private – only you and your recipient(s) will ever see the messages
  • Secure – our servers offer the most modern security for your peace of mind

The truth is that one day we are all going to pass from this life. At that point we are no longer able to communicate with those we leave behind.

Imagine the comfort you could bring to those you leave behind with a simple Sunset Message from you.


Leave a Legacy

These special Sunset Messages give you the ability to leave a legacy well beyond your years that your loved ones can cherish forever.

Your messages will be sent via email and text message and can contain words, photos, audio and video.

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Joy and Comfort

Imagine the joy and comfort you could bring to your loved ones even after you leave this world… after your sunset.

  • Pass on bits of wisdom, encouragement and life lessons.
  • Honor them on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
  • Leave an audio message so they can always hear your voice.
  • Send photos or videos so they can revisit fond memories with you.
  • Let them know it’s OK to move on with their lives.
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It’s Very Easy

It’s all very simple and we will guide you.

We can even help you with ideas on who to send messages to and what you might want to say in your messages.

Your messages can be sent one-time or on a recurring basis.

Recurring messages can be sent at set intervals, such as birthdays or anniversaries – or on specific dates that are meaningful to you and your loved ones.

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Message Creation and Delivery

As you create messages they will be stored in your personal Message Vault on secure servers until your Sunset.

Once we receive notice of your death through your Delivery Delegate and confirm your passing, we will release the messages to your intended recipients.

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Ready to get started?

Just Click below and start creating messages now.

If you need some help with who to send messages to and/or what to say in your messages there are suggestions on the Create a Message page.

Choose your package:

Every Message Includes:

Unlimited Recipients
10,000 Words
5 Photos
1 Audio Recording
1 Video

Standard Package

3 Messages

$33 per message
15% Savings
More Info

Gold Package

5 Messages

$30 per message
24% Savings
More Info

Sunset Package

12 Messages

$25 per message
36% Savings
More Info
Best Value

Custom Timelines Coming Soon

Deliver messages on anniversaries, birthdays, etc.


What others are saying about
Sunset Messages

  • … A letter or will seems so impersonal. The idea that I can express my love in a video testimonial and have it as a lasting legacy to my family and loved ones, is incredibly fascinating to me. Thank you for presenting this opportunity as a component to my estate plans.

    ~ David P.
  • … While many creative tools and solutions now exist to stage and organize many retirement and estate planning needs, there is currently no service we know about that offers future-timed, customizable personal messaging to loved ones after memory loss or death. This service concept, presented by Sunset Messages, transcends well beyond standard financial and estate planning, and creates a powerful bridge between generations to pass forward memories, love, values, and legacy. …

    ~ Kirstin H.
  • None of us knows if we’ll get the chance to say what we really want to say to the people we love. So having an app that lets me compose meaningful messages to family and friends—especially when I have time to sit down and think about what really matters—this is a great service.

    ~ Jennifer R.
  • … Sunset Messages offers a unique and powerful platform for people to share messages with their loved ones after they die leaving a legacy in ways that people often desire to do but don’t have a way to do so. …

    ~ Steven G.
  • … I don’t know of many people that are excited about planning for their death. But it’s something that we should all do so that not only are we not a burden to our survivors but now our messages can be a gift and live with our families beyond our time. …

    ~ Beth H.