Sunset Messages

Add recipients

Create or select your recipients. Once you have added a recipient they will appear in your recipients list. If you're not sure who to send a message to, you can “Click here for brainstorming ideas” to help you pick the right people.

Write your heartfelt message

Start with a familiarity phrase, so your recipient will easily recognize the message is from you. Once you have entered your Familiarity Phrase the next step is to fill in your message. Remember you can always go back and edit the message at any time after you have paid for it.

Share treasured photo memories

You can upload multiple photos to share with your loved ones. Take a photo with your device or drag-and-drop photos from your computer.

Give the gift of your voice with an Audio recording

Many people keep voicemails left by their loved ones who have passed. This feature lets you be intentional about such a message that they can cherish forever.

Record a Video message

Take your message to the next level by sharing your likeness and voice in a personal video. You can use your phone or web cam to record a video message. Drag and drop options are also available if you have a prerecorded video you’d like to upload.

Record a video

How will you know when I have passed?

This will be the responsibility of your Delivery Delegate(s). Your Delivery Delegate(s) will be someone you choose. Typically they will be a trusted family member or friend or they can also be the executor or trustee of your estate. They will notify us of your passing and upload a copy of your death certificate. After this is done, we will release your messages in accordance with your wishes.
Delivery Delegate